What is Herringshaw Group's Core Philosophy?

August 29, 2023

At the heart of Herringshaw Group's mission and vision lies our core philosophy that in order to effectuate positive change, leaders must learn to manage their power, and operate in humiltiy. This philosophy is not just a theoretical construct but a practical framework that guides every aspect of our consultancy services. It is deeply rooted in the belief that effective and ethical leadership is anchored in the virtue of humility.

Succession and Transfer:

What good is leadership if it doesn't empower others to become their best? We believe that leadership is not an end but a journey that involves the transfer of knowledge, values, and responsibilities. Humility allows for this transfer to happen seamlessly, respecting the wisdom of the past while making room for the innovation of the future.

Power Down Philosophy:

In a world where power dynamics often dictate relationships, we champion a "power down" approach. This means that leaders are not in positions of authority to dominate but to serve, guide, and reconcile those they lead towards fulfilling their destinies.

Empathy and Ethics:

At the core of HMBL is the principle of empathy. We believe that understanding and sharing the feelings of others is the cornerstone of ethical decision-making and effective leadership.

Intrapersonal Competence:

We hold that all knowledge is relational. This means that the transfer of skills, values, and responsibilities must happen on an intrapersonal level, facilitated by humility and mutual respect.

Relational Intelligence (RQ):

Humility-Based Leadership inherently involves a high degree of RQ, enabling leaders to navigate complex interpersonal dynamics effectively.

Human Dignity:

Our philosophy also extends to a broader ethical stance that prioritizes human dignity over technological advances. We consciously defer to human consciousness and reject the exploitation of artificial general intelligence in decision-making processes.


Aligned with our core philosophy is our "personalist" conviction, which emphasizes the inherent value and dignity of each individual. We believe that each person brings unique value to an organization, and it's the role of humility-based leaders to recognize and cultivate this.

Practical Application:

Our philosophy is not just something we talk about; it's something we live and breathe. It informs our proprietary processes, our consultancy services, and our relationships with our clients. Whether we're helping with succession planning, leadership development, or organizational modernization, Humility-Based Leadership is the lens through which we view every challenge and opportunity.

In essence, humility-based leadership is about balancing authority with empathy, competence with compassion, and individual achievement with collective progress. It's about creating a leadership legacy that respects the past, engages with the present, and innovates for the future.

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