Founding Story

Mark and Matt Herringshaw coaching baseball

After three decades decoding the ciphers of individual performance, team chemistry, organizational excellence, and leader legacy, Mark Herringshaw opens a fresh chapter, partnering with his son, Matthew to launch the Herringshaw Group. 

The prime catalyst was Mark’s near-fatal heart attack in 2019 which brought him face to face with his own mortality, prompting a renewed fervor to prioritize what matters most. Emerging from this crisis, Mark determined to apply to himself the legacy–building and apprenticeship principles he had taught to others and to raise up a family enterprise grounded on his pioneering Ph.D. research in leadership power and humility-based communication and the precedent of his own successful consulting practice. As a first step to this vision, Matthew and Mark founded Herringshaw Group in 2023, which is now positioned to partner with others in their extended family and with values-aligned “kindred” consultant partners enabling them to extend their reach. 

Now in their daily interactions, Mark and Matt exemplify the prime principle and practice of family business succession: apprenticeship Their own earned insight into the delicate process of transferring values, relational trust and skills and knowledge from one generation to the next is a living testament of the challenges and the joys of working with – and as – family, and doing so in a way that honors legacy and positions for future impact. Eager to understand your unique business challenges, Mark and Matt are ready to walk with you and your team through this journey. Their goal? To offer proven principles, personal insights, guidance, and accountability during one of the most critical phases of any family business: the succession transition.

Mark and Matt Herringshaw Business FoundersMark and Matt Herringshaw Baseball Coaching YouthMark Herringshaw leading a leadership development session

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What we stand for.



At Herringshaw Group, we believe that humility is the cornerstone of effective leadership. It's not about diminishing one's worth but about recognizing the inherent value in others. Humility allows us to listen actively, learn continuously, and lead compassionately. It's this virtue that anchors our "power down" leadership philosophy, empowering us to guide organizations through transitions that honor both legacy and innovation.



Candor is more than just honesty; it's about being transparent and straightforward in all our interactions. We believe that open dialogue fosters trust and accelerates problem-solving. Whether we're consulting with a family business or a Fortune 500 company, we commit to speaking the truth with tact and respect, ensuring that every stakeholder's voice is heard and valued.



Excellence for us is not an end but a journey of continuous improvement. We strive to deliver services that not only meet but exceed expectations. From our proprietary processes to our personalized consultations, we aim for nothing less than the highest quality. It's this commitment to excellence that enables us to help organizations navigate the complexities of generational transitions successfully.



In a rapidly changing world, relevance is not just about keeping up; it's about staying ahead. We understand that what worked yesterday may not work tomorrow, which is why we are committed to delivering solutions that are not only effective but also timely and pertinent. By staying attuned to industry trends, generational shifts, and technological advancements, we ensure that our clients are always positioned for what's next, making their transitions not just seamless but also strategically advantageous.



At Herringshaw Group, our "I-to-I" philosophy is about creating eye-to-eye connections that go beyond mere transactions. We believe that leadership is most effective when it's a two-way street, where mutual respect and understanding are the norms, not the exceptions. This approach allows for a more meaningful transfer of knowledge, values, and responsibilities. It's not just about passing the torch; it's about ensuring that the next generation is fully equipped to carry it forward.



In a world where change is the only constant, hopefulness is not just an asset; it's a necessity. We approach every challenge with a positive outlook, believing that even the most complex problems have solutions waiting to be discovered. Our hopeful perspective is contagious, inspiring our clients to envision a future where generational transitions are not just smooth but also opportunities for new beginnings and greater achievements.

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Meet our team.

Meet the team at Herringshaw Group, led by founders Mark and Matthew Herringshaw. Mark's pioneering research in humility-based leadership blends seamlessly with Matthew's next-generation insights. Together, they embody the principles of successful leadership transition. Our consultants are committed to guiding you through this critical phase, offering tailored solutions anchored in Humility-Based Leadership.
Mark Herringshaw Headshot

Mark Herringshaw, PhD

Matt Herringshaw headshot

Matt Herringshaw

Justin Searway headshot

Justin Searway

Content Manager

Advisors & Board Members

Brian Williamson HeadshotMark Herringshaw Headshot

Brian Williamson, PhD

Board Member

Brian Williamson serves on the board of Herringshaw Group. He has an extensive and broad background including 4 years as a United States Marine, earning a PhD in Organizational Leadership, 18 years in the non-profit sector in roles ranging from senior director to founder, being the top producer in a global leadership consulting firm, successful entrepreneurial business leader, and currently serves as the Chief Leadership & Development Officer for Quility; an insurance technology and distribution company. Past clients include Leidos, The United States Airforce, Compassion International, Huhtamaki (makers of Chinet), and a host of small to mid-size organizations. We value the experience and wisdom Brian shares with our organization that benefits our clients.

Brian, his wife and four children live in the Lansing, Michigan area.

Brandon Jensen headshot

Brandon Jensen, MS LMFT

Strategic Advisor

Meet Brandon Jensen MS LMFT PACC.  Brandon currently serves as the Owner/CEO of Beacon Hill Family Services LLC, Adjunct Faculty at Saint Cloud State University, Prepare/Enrich Seminar Director, Foster Adopt Minnesota Trainer, and Co-Founder of CyberSync Advisors. Brandon has a passion for communication, cohesion, and systemic transformation in all of his work. We deeply value the expertise that Brandon brings to our organization.

Outside of professional ventures, Brandon spends his time leading a local Trail Life Troop, coaching baseball, volunteering, and exploring national parks with his family. Brandon resides in Central Minnesota with his wife and four children.

Mick Mayhew headshot

Mick Mayhew, PhD

Strategic Advisor

"Mick is an expert in clinical systems for assessing and treating individuals in challenging relationships. With over 25 years as a professor, he specializes in teaching, advising, program development, and mentoring in professional and group settings. His research focuses on reconciling human differences in various systems, particularly in the context of technological advancements and industrial changes. Mick has developed a unique method that combines therapeutic techniques with systems engineering for more efficient and satisfying product or service delivery in social systems. Mick's wealth of knowledge and expertise add immense value to Herringshaw Group.  

Mick has been married to his wife, Kathy, for over 35 years, has two children, and resides
on a small farm in Central Minnesota.

Kathy Mayhew headshot

Kathy Mayhew, PhD

Strategic Advisor

Kathy Mayhew, a Professor at St. Cloud State University since 1998, brings a wealth of expertise in interactional relationship skills, work and family balance, and human development, particularly in marriage, family, and parent-child relationships. Her consulting strengths are evident in her ability to foster synchrony and resonant relationships in both professional and personal settings, and in guiding individuals and groups towards achieving a harmonious work-life balance.

Outside of her professional life, Kathy enjoys horseback riding and immersing herself in the study of neuroscience and physical and relational health. She is a mother of two adult children and has been married for 35+ years to Mick Mayhew.

Interested in joining our team? 

We're actively seeking consultants and other key members to help us expand our reach and deepen our impact. If you're passionate about Humility-Based Leadership and generational transition, we'd love to hear from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Herringshaw Group's core philosophy?

Our core philosophy is Humility-Based Leadership (HMBL). We believe in facilitating leadership succession through the transfer of knowledge and values, all anchored in the virtue of humility. Read more here.

How do you handle leadership transitions in family businesses?

Family businesses present unique challenges and opportunities in leadership transition. Our Heirloom service is specifically designed to guide family businesses through the delicate process of transferring leadership from one generation to the next, ensuring both continuity and room for innovation. Depending on the family's unique needs, Heirloom is typically a 3-year process to help ensure seamless transitions for family businesses.

How do you address the loss of organizational knowledge due to employee turnover?

Employee turnover can result in a significant loss of organizational knowledge and values. We offer specialized services like Legacy Forge and Fare-well to capture and reinvest this crucial "organizational DNA" before key individuals depart, thereby preserving the essence of your organization.

What is the "Statement of Assurance Regarding our Use of Intelligence Technology in our Services"?

This statement assures our clients that while we may use information and intelligence technologies to assist us, the design and development of our offerings are strictly human endeavors. We consciously defer to human consciousness and reject the exploitation of artificial general intelligence. You can read the full statement here.

How can I be sure that Herringshaw Group is the right fit for my organization?

We offer a 20-minute Zoom session for an "I to I" conversation to understand your unique challenges and needs. This initial consultation will give you a good sense of our approach and how it can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization. Schedule a call with us here.

What is the 5 Voices framework and how do you use it? 

The 5 Voices Framework is a tool designed to help individuals and teams understand their unique communication styles and how these styles interact within a group setting. While the 5 Voices Framework is not a proprietary tool of Herringshaw Group, we are licensed facilitators and find its principles align well with our core philosophy of Humility-Based Leadership. We use this framework to help teams identify their dominant "voices" or communication styles, which in turn fosters greater empathy, understanding, and effective collaboration. By integrating the 5 Voices Framework into our consultancy services, we aim to enhance and create more cohesive, effective teams that can navigate the complexities of leadership transition and organizational growth.

What is Motivations AI and how do you use it?

In today's fast-paced world, it's easy to lose sight of what truly motivates us, leading to a lack of fulfillment and direction in both personal and professional lives. Traditional personality tests often offer generic insights that don't get to the heart of what makes you tick. They can leave you with more questions than answers, making it difficult to make informed decisions about your career, relationships, and life goals. Motivations AI is a revolutionary narrative-based personality assessment tool designed to solve this problem. By analyzing your own life stories, it uncovers the core motivations that drive you. Backed by 60 years of empirical research, Motivations AI provides actionable insights that can transform how you engage with the world, making you more productive, inspired, and fulfilled. It's not just a personality test; it's a key to unlocking a more meaningful life.

Though Motivations AI is not proprietary to Herringshaw Group, we are licensed facilitators and rely on this proven tool is our succession planning consulting and leadership intensives.