Crafting succession with precision and securing your organization's future

In the ever-evolving world of business, ensuring the continuity of leadership, values, and knowledge is paramount. Legacy Forge is Herringshaw Group's signature solution, meticulously designed to guide organizations through the intricate process of planned retirement and leadership transition.

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The challenge of seamless succession

As a forward-thinking organization, you understand the importance of preserving your legacy while ensuring a bright future. But transitioning leadership is complex – there's both the challenge of ensuring continuity and the emotional weight of change. Shouldn't there be a way to transition smoothly without losing the essence of what made your organization great?

Enter Herringshaw Group's Legacy Forge.

With our expertise, we've guided numerous organizations through this pivotal phase, ensuring a seamless transition.
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Tailored transition plans
Every organization is unique. We customize our approach to fit your specific needs, ensuring a seamless handover of roles and responsibilities.


Preserve organizational DNAWith each departing leader, invaluable knowledge and insights risk being lost. Legacy Forge captures and reinvests this crucial organizational essence, ensuring that your company's legacy remains intact.


Empower the next generation
Beyond mere transition, we focus on equipping the emerging leaders with the tools, skills, and insights they need to drive the organization forward.

The Legacy Forge process

1. Appraise: Laying the groundwork for Succession

Duration: 6 months

In this initial phase, the focus is on strengthening the family culture and providing clarity for each stakeholder. Activities include family assessments, workshops, Clarity Equation Intensives, and crafting a Legacy Leader's preferred future. An in-depth diagnostic of each stakeholder’s competencies is also conducted to prepare for the business succession plan.

2. Apprentice: The transfer of knowledge and skills

Duration: 1 year

This middle phase is dedicated to the intentional transfer of knowledge, skills, and responsibilities from the Legacy Leaders to the Emerging Leaders. It's broken down into four sub-phases: "I Do, You Watch," "I Do, You Help," "You Do, I Help," and "You Do, I Watch," each designed to gradually shift responsibilities.

3. Appoint: Finalizing the transition and setting the stage for the future

Duration: 3 months - 1 year

The concluding phase finalizes the transfer of authority and responsibility, guiding the organization through the new stasis. Activities include legal transfers, organizational restructuring, and transitioning the Legacy Leader into a sage or moral authority role.

Don't let the challenges of succession slow your organization down.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What sets Legacy Forge apart from other succession planning services?

Legacy Forge takes a unique approach by focusing on the transfer of intangible assets like values, culture, and leadership styles, in addition to the more traditional tangible assets. Our philosophy is rooted in Humility-Based Leadership, and our "I to I" apprenticeship model ensures a seamless transition that honors the legacy of the business. While we specialize in the intangible aspects, we also work strategically with financial advisors and lawyers for those who require assistance with transferring tangible assets. We do not offer legal or financial advice. Please advise with a lawyer and/or accountant with financial or legal questions.

What does Legacy Forge cost?

The cost of the Legacy Forge process varies as every business is unique, with its own set of complexities and needs. After an initial consultation, we'll provide a customized proposal that outlines the scope of work and associated costs. This ensures that you're only paying for the services that are most relevant to your specific situation.

How long does the Legacy Forge process take?

The Legacy Forge process is tailored to the specific needs and complexities of each business. The timeline can vary significantly depending on factors like the readiness of the next generation, the complexity of the business, and the depth of change needed in the culture and business operations.

Is Legacy Forge suitable for family businesses?

We have a product called Heirloom aimed specifically at family business succession. Visit the Heirloom page to learn more.

What kind of businesses can benefit from Legacy Forge?

Legacy Forge is versatile and can be applied to a wide range of industries and business sizes. Whether you're running a small local business or a large multinational corporation, Legacy Forge can help.

What happens if there's a disagreement among stakeholders during the process?

Legacy Forge is designed to facilitate open dialogue and resolve conflicts. Our consultants are trained in conflict resolution and will guide your family through any disagreements to reach a consensus.

How confidential is the Legacy Forge process?

Confidentiality is one of our top priorities. All assessments, workshops, and consultations are conducted in a confidential setting, and any shared information remains strictly within the confines of the process. Participating members of Herringshaw Group will be happy to sign any NDAs necessary.

What resources will I receive during the Legacy Forge process?

You'll receive a variety of resources, including assessments, workbooks, and access to our proprietary tools. These resources are designed to guide you through each phase of the process, from appraisal to appointment.

Can Legacy Forge help with legal and financial aspects of succession planning?

While our primary focus is on the transfer of intangible assets, we can work in tandem with your financial advisors and lawyers to ensure a comprehensive succession plan that includes legal and financial aspects. We do not offer legal or financial advice. Please advise with a lawyer and/or accountant with financial or legal questions.

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