Statement of Assurance Regarding our Use of Intelligence Technology in our Services

August 29, 2023

The world is changing. With the advent and accelerating development and availability of multiple forms of artificial intelligence, it is becoming increasingly challenging to know what is and what is not of “human origin.” Given this reality and the uncertainty it can generate, the Herringshaw Group offers this “Statement of Assurance Regarding our Use of Intelligence Technology in our Services.” 

At the Herringshaw Group, we are dedicated to facilitating leadership succession through the transfer of knowledge and values. We uphold a "power down" leadership philosophy rooted in humility, believing that leaders are granted authority to guide those they lead towards their destinies. We strongly advocate for personal empathy as the core of ethical and effective leadership, emphasizing human interaction as a mutual subject-to-subject endeavor. We firmly believe that all knowledge is relational, necessitating intrapersonal competence transfer. Our approach to leadership development follows the "old school" model of relational apprenticeship, enabling the handoff and multiplication of knowledge, history, values, relationships, responsibilities, and authority that form the essence of organizations. By guiding our partners back to the foundational basics of relational conversation skills, we reinforce the importance of human relationships and productivity. We recognize that relational intelligence (RQ) is vital for managerial effectiveness, and we actively promote the cultivation and multiplication of RQ through the adoption of values and behaviors that foster genuine interpersonal leadership interactions. 

In an era when language is becoming detached from human will and governed by statistical algorithms, we guide individuals to talk together, reclaiming the power of human communication. In an artificial age, we stand for "actual leadership," prioritizing authenticity, personalization, and the preservation of human connection. We firmly believe that the aggregation of human knowledge in virtual form is not fully human, and we reject a reliance upon and an exploitation of any artificial general intelligence. Instead, we prioritize human consciousness, which we believe upholds human dignity. As proponents of the philosophy of personalism, we value the inherent worth of each human individual. We believe that leaders and human resource professionals in particular must cultivate a work environment that supports human flourishing, appreciating, articulating, and defending the value of individuals contributing to their organizations. 

Given these convictions, The Herringshaw Group commits to maintaining personal mastery over the design of the frameworks we offer our clients as well as the actual language we use to deliver those frameworks. While we often leverage information and intelligence technologies to assist us, we never abdicate to any mechanized system the design and / or development of our offerings. Be assured: every product and process under the banner of the Herringshaw Group is a human handiwork.

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